Palmer holds on for the win in an action packed Race 1

Talk about action packed!

Race 1 was full on, an unfortunate turn 1 incident impacted half of the field with drivers scrambling to avoid a crash. Harry Charalambous in the no.33 Mustang and Sean English in the no.99 Mustang came out the worst.

Sean English was forced to return to the pits with a broken rear right wheel and Harry Charalambous ending up with damage to both the front and rear left of the no.33 Mustang. Unfortunately the rear wheel of the no.99 Mustang was not the only damage, after the race an issue with the diff was discovered forcing the retirement of Sean English and the no.99 Mustang.

Dan Fleming in the no.29 Mustang avoided the cars in front in doing so ended up beached in the gravel. Mark Bowtell managed to skip through gravel and rejoin the track.

Sean Evans in the no.4 Mustang was very lucky to make it up the inside of the incident narrowly avoiding damage to the no.4 Mustang. The turn 1 incident lead to a full race restart.

Thankfully there were no further issues at the restart. That wasn’t the end of the action with Palmer, English, LaRosa and Tenkate swapping position lap after lap with Ian Palmer taking the race win in the no.20 Firebird from John English in the no.11 Firebird and Anthony Tenkate in a solid 3rd in the no.69 a good result after his time out of the car.

Clinging to the back of the Outright group was Ron Prefontaine in the no.21 Mustang holding off the young gun Sean Evans in the no.4 Mustang who made up a place passing Mark Bowtell in the no.13 Firebird. Apart from the damage done in the turn 1 incident it was an exciting race for the fans to watch. 

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