Palmer Steel Industries was established 60 years ago which began makeshift steel fabricating business producing one-off handrails and columns for local builders.

Today, Palmer Steel Industries has a clear understanding of the building industry’s needs and a commitment to world-class standards, which is reinforced with friendly advice and genuine service. This results in the best quality product available for the best possible price.

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Hoosier Tires are widely regarded as one of the best tyres available for street, strip and oval track competition. Hoosier Tire Australia are able to supply a wide range of Hoosier tyres for a number of different racing divisions as well as Hoosier apparel, track wear and pit accessories for racers and fans alike. From speedway to drag racing to street, Hoosier Racing Tires are designed for champions and will help you get to the finish line first.

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Since 1970, Shannons has pioneered innovative and flexible insurance policies for the special needs of motoring enthusiasts. Today, Shannons are Australia’s leading insurer of motoring enthusiasts. From vintage and veteran to classics and contemporary cars, no insurance caters better for the motoring enthusiast then Shannons.

Shannons deliver Agreed Value, Your Choice of Repairer and Guaranteed Repairs as core benefits of its comprehensive insurance policy.

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On the world’s fastest race tracks, on the streets, or on the toughest terrain there is, When it comes to spring design and durability, King Springs knows neither compromise nor second best…

These are the cornerstones of King Springs’ technology, and the reason why King Springs are leaders in the replacement and performance automotive spring market.

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Performance Wheels is Australia’s leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of high quality vintage and classic car wheels. With a history of almost 40 years, Performance Wheels has helped shape the vintage and classic car wheel market into what it is today.

Performance alloy wheels earned its first meritorious Quality award in 1996 having gained AS/NZS ISO 9002 accreditation. Since this time the company has continued to develop its internal quality assurance in the relentless pursuit for manufacturing excellence.

Manufactured from CC601 high grade heat treatable aluminium, all Performance alloy wheels are tested to the Australian Standard 1638 and or equivalent international standards and are subjected to the most rigorous driving conditions around the world. Whether locally made or internationally sourced Performance Wheels are committed to bringing you the highest quality alloy wheels in the market today.

Originally born in South Australia, In December 2014 Mr Ed Sanders retired from the wheel industry and the company was relocated to Queensland to be run by the Tonkin family of Allied Wheels & WheelBoyz fame.

The Tonkin family has been involved in the wheel industry since the early 1930’s producing everything from the old wooden wheels up to the latest in HIGH TECH alloy wheels required of today and is proud to continue on the Performance tradition into the future and continue to add to the Classic Performance wheels range.

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