Technical Regulations

Historic Touring Car racing (Group N) in Australia has a great set of standardised regulations. However, Group N does not cater to many American models. Australian Trans-Am plugs this gap, as it is open to any 2-door, 4-seat, rear wheel drive, V8 powered American production vehicle built from 1963 to 1974.

Therefore, it scoops up cars such as second-gen Camaros, 1970 Mustangs, Plymouth Cudas, AMC Javelins, Mercury Cougars and Pontiac Firebirds.

ATA has a good set of regulations based on the original SCCA Trans-Am Series, though with some modifications in place to keep costs down, and entertainment levels high. A Hoosier cross-ply tyre is used on all cars to keep them sliding through the corners, and are wrapped around maximum 15” x 8.5” wheels. Engine restrictions are put in place to keep horsepower levels down, and to preserve the life of drivelines and other components. All cars must run on commercial 98 Octane fuel, with maximum 200cc cylinder head intake ports, and maximum 11:1 compression, a combination that makes for some spectacular flame spitting antics on track.

Download Transam Technical regulations – updated Jan 2020

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