Racing for Curro #52
Australian TransAm on track for Round 1 2019
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Racing for Curro #52

The past few weeks have been quite emotional for the Australian TransAm community with the passing of Brett “Curro” Curran


Round : 3 – Two Days of Thunder
Date: 22nd & 23rd June 2019
Track: QLD Raceway, Willowbank
Turns: 6
Length: 3.13 km

2019 Championship Points

Trophy Series

1.Ian PalmerPontiac Firebird229
2.John EnglishPontiac Firebird213
3.Chris La RosaFord Mustang98
4.Russell WrightFord Mustang75
5.Sean EnglishFord Mustang56
6.Anthony TenkateFord Mustang47
7.Harry CharalambousFord Mustang32
8.Lindsay KearnsPlymouth Cuda11
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Outright Championship

1.Ian PalmerPontiac Firebird229
2.John EnglishPontiac Firebird213
3.Tricia ChantFord Mustang154
4.Gareth JonesFord Mustang127
5.Ron PrefontaineFord Mustang109
6.Sean EvansFord Mustang109
7.Chris La RosaFord Mustang98
8.Russell WrightFord Mustang75
9.Mike CollinsFord Mustang71
10.Sean EnglishFord Mustang56
11.Anthony TenkateFord Mustang47
12.Harry CharalambousFord Mustang32
13.Lindsay KearnsPlymouth Cuda11
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5 Litre Classics

1.Tricia ChantFord Mustang226
2.Gareth JonesFord Mustang194
3.Sean EvansFord Mustang166
4.Ron PrefontaineFord Mustang150
5.Mike CollinsFord Mustang85
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